Born in Ukraine in 1994, since 2013 live and work in The Netherlands currently based in Dordrecht.

I create all types of graphic layouts using Adobe Creative Suite. However, I don't limit myself by only digital skills. I always try to think wider about the whole concept from an artistic, psychological and user experience perspective. A combination of art & design education and interest in psychology help me to look at each project in the unique and fitting way. 

I enjoy working on my own and as part of a creative team. I am very responsible with deadlines, I can easily plan the steps which should be taken while working on the project and plan it ahead.

Art is my way to talk to the world by visual language. The world around inspires me. I absorb the beauty of nature, complexity of human being and the way a person is going through life. I am at the same time a subject, which is investigated by me day by day, and a creator. This combination allows me to develop not only a technically beautiful image, but a conceptual image with philosophy, deep meaning and the space where every viewer can find own reflection. 
I use human body as “the language” to discuss various social and psychological topics. Through my art I want to share my own ideas with the world and make people more aware of the certain themes. 
My role as an artist is not to answer the questions, but to inspire people to be open to asking questions and trying to look at already knows subjects from different points of view.

Photo: Barbara Kroon
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