​​​​​​​If you have any questions, please contact me.
​​​​​​​Nothing else feels so good to an artist as when someone wants to take his/her art home. It is a special moment for both sides. That's why I always try to provide good service, so the customer gets good experience while buying a piece of art. Here you can find out how I do that:
Step 1
You can easily contact me through the website, Facebook or Instagram if would like to buy an artwork. Usually I send an invoice within a few days. Then we discuss the best suitable way of receiving your work of art.

Step 2
- If you choose to pick up your work of art, we can make an appointment a location which is suitable for both. You can also visit my studio in Dordrecht and have a cup of coffee there (temporary under reconstruction).
- Personal delivery is possible within The Netherlands. During Corona times we deliver it for free!
- Delivery by post is also possible, if you prefer. We take responsibility for packing it well. Sending costs and insurance is not included in the price of an artwork.
Check here our packaging example:
Step 3
Regardless of how you receive your work, you will get it signed and with the certificate of ownership. This is a document which describes the work you have purchased, any information about the work and a personal note. This document proves the work is original. And that it is now fully yours!
The work will always be ready to be displayed. This means that he hanging system will be fixed and/or the work will be framed. Unless you prefer it differently for some specific reason.

Step 4
Some customers might need help with setting up their work on location. I can provide help with that too. So please let me know in advance if you require this service and together we will see what needs to be done.
Depending on the complexity of the installation, this will  require some preparations and supplies and might require some additional fee.

Step 5
Some oil paintings need to be varnished with definitive spray after 3 years. So I might contact you later to make the appointment for this. No need to worry; it won't change anything. We will just fix the paint and the next day you can hang the work back in place.

You can always choose to change the frame (and the passepartout) of your work. Please contact the local service or do it yourself. All works are ready to be reframed if needed. If you have any questions or need any advice, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you for your choice. I hope you enjoy your new piece of art!

If you like my style, but you would prefer to have yourself (or someone you know) portrayed by me, or you would like a different format of a similar artwork: this is all possible.
Just choose an example of my work, or the style you prefer, and send me a message for an appointment to discuss any wishes. We can brainstorm together about the possibilities.
I also create digital works of art & graphic design. Please have a look here.

What would not be possible:
- I won't copy a style of another artist
- I won't be able to recreate the same painting on a different format, it will often be slightly different. (but you can always ask for a reproduction if you would love the same one!)
- I won't be able to draw or paint based on a bad quality example image. So we might need to meet up to make a photo. I can photograph you myself in my studio, or you can reach out to the photographer you trust.
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