As an artist with designer education I create logos and other identity products for companies, music bands, other organizations. And because I am lucky to work with awesome creative people, there is the freedom to use artistic approach, so I can go wild and make unique designs. This happened also with Evelyn Sies van der Horst who have started a great music band Duizel and asked me to create a logo for her. Evelyn and I met in my studio and started that magical intuitive process of drawing the logo. The atmosphere was made to get completely focused on drawing, going deeper into the mood of creation. 

From the logo design order we have grown to the idea of a workshop where in there result the customer has got the logo symbol specially created by her involved in the process. For me it was a new experiment, but I would definitely go on doing similar projects. 

Together with that awesome photo from Sonja de Ridder photography the result is just amazing! 
Photo by Sonja de Ridder photography
Here is the video of the process, where you can see how logo was created and to listen to the music of Duizel.

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