When I studied at the academy in Ukraine, a lot of emphasis was placed on realism, the Russian school. Dutch masters and their paintings were also frequently used as examples. In Ukraine we appreciate the skill. Our teachers told us that in order to be completely free, we must first know how to use the brush and the basic principles of light and shadow. Only then we can choose what we prefer to paint. When I came to the Netherlands more than 4 years ago I noticed that the emotions and feelings were much more important in my art.
My first collection "No connection" was also created at that time. This collection is about the delicate balance between interpersonal relationships. The last work from this collection shows me, a person who is looking for her place in another country, with new people, without speaking the language. Characteristic of this collection are the cubes instead of heads and human beings without gender and skin color.
At the moment my life is completely different. In those 4 years I got to know people, built up friendships and established business relationships and can now, for example, write this piece in Dutch. In addition, I am starting the second year of my studies this year (in Dutch).
Inspired by the old master Rembrandt van Rijn, RMBRNDT.NU is an exhibition of contemporary artwork. The Dutch word NU means NOW. The idea for this exhibition emerged from the fact that many beautiful artworks submitted for the LangLeveRembrandt exhibition in the Rijksmuseum ultimately did not find their way into a gallery space. Are you an artist who feels inspired by Rembrandt? Then participate by submitting your work."

It was a challenge, but a perfect challenge which made my eyes burning when I've seen the open call. I've seen it too late (1 week before the deadline), bought a canvas and said to myself "I will be on time!".
After the concept was ready I painted this work day by day around 4 - 6 hours per day. It was clear to me why I would like to participate in this exhibition: old master in a new way with the new concept behind.

Why Rembrandt painted only those men studying anatomy back then? Because it was the norm of that time. But is this norm the same now? I removed the figures from the painting and replaced it with my personal portrait style - head in the cube shape. Now the viewer can put any character they can imagine instead of the painted by Rembrandt men. Woman? African man? Transgender? Who do you see there while looking at my painting?
More about this project on my website in the "Projects"

Thankful for all who organised this project and made it happen! And of course thanks to all who came to the exhibition!
Was exhibited during the RMBRNDT.NU project at Klaproos in Amsterdam
Oil on canvas, 140 x 90 cm (sold)

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